Hailing from 1 of the most beautiful cities in Africa “Lusaka”, Zone Fam are presently Zambia’s number 1 hip-hop group and Africa’s youngest music group in the music industry. Lusaka has witnessed the boys growth and 2013 has been a remarkable year for the lads as they have seen their music spread from across Africa to the rest of the world. The Zone Fam group is a rap hip-hop dance combo made up of 4 guys: Dope G, Jay Rox, Yung Verbal and Thugga, and don’t let the hard names fool you; they are the coolest set of guys you will ever meet. The group have had a host of top singles this year, like “Contolola“, “Lobola” and “Translate“, and last month, they won their 1st Channel O Award for the Most Gifted Group for their video “Contolola“. This month, Zone Fam reveals to Zen how they got started in the music industry. We also get all personal with the guys as we find out “What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever done to them?”. We also talk fashion, how they met and so much more. 

Zone Fam  Zone Fam won the Most Gifted Duo/Group/Featuring award at
the 2013 Channel 
O Africa Music Video Awards in South
Africa last month

Zen: What inspired you guys to get into music?
Zone Fam: We were all inspired from a very young age, mostly by our older brothers and cousins playing music from the 90’s. Individually, we love all forms of music but our love for hip-hop and rap was what inspired us to get into the music industry.

Zen: How did you guys meet?
Zone Fam: Well, 2 of us met while we were in school though we all later met at a recording studio that was called ‘The Zone.’ The energy was right and we wanted the same thing, to make good music.

Zen: How did the name “Zone Fam” come about?
Zone Fam: The name Zone Fam came from the studio where we met. The chemistry at “The Zone” studio was like family and everyone that came there became like an adopted family so we just formed the name ‘Zone Fam.’

Zen: What makes your style of music so special?
Zone Fam: The style of music we do can’t be put in a box and labelled because we fuse different languages and sounds together in all our singles. It is primarily Hip Hop but has different elements from within the continent and beyond.

Zen: Your first major single was titled Contolola. What does Contolola mean?
Zone Fam: Contolola is from our local dialect “Nyanja” and it means to ‘Take Control.’

Zen: Any memorable performances so far?
Zone Fam: 
We have a number of amazing performances but one that definitely stands out for us would be hitting the Big Brother Africa stage in June of 2011. The fact that millions of people were watching us live on the BBA stage is just amazing!

Zone FamAt the Channel O Music Video Awards in South Africa receiving
their award. (Image from Channel O)

Zen: Album talk guys! When is your album coming out?
Zone Fam:
 It will be out in 2014. We will definitely keep you posted with the date and album title.

Zen: Any exciting collaborations we can expect inside?
Zone Fam:
Yes! We can confirm 1 of South Africa’s biggest artists is on 1 of the singles we did for the album. We will reveal the rest in 2014 but there is so much been planned now that we can’t reveal anything yet until our management says it’s the right time.

Zen: What’s the craziest thing a female fan ever told you guys?
Zone Fam:
Craziest would have to be the marriage proposals we get from some of our female fans. {LOL}

Zen: Do you guys listen to other African artists?
Zone Fam:
Are you kidding? Off course we do.

Zen: Which 5 artists would you say are your favourites?
Zone Fam: 
Ice Prince, Jessie Jagz, Sarkodie, Khuli Chana
and HHP.

Zen: Name your 5 favourite music groups in Africa?
Zone Fam:
Our 5 favourite would have to be Mi Casa, Teargas, P-Unit, R2Bees and Liquid Deep

Zen: Who are your top 5 African female artists?
Zone Fam:
Wow! Ours would definitely be Mampi, Cleo Ice Queen, Chidinma, Victoria Kimani and Xtatic.

Behind the Scenes from the Translate videoImages from their “Translate” video shoot. 

Zen: What do you guys think of African fashion?
Zone Fam: 
African Fashion has come a long way and it is definitely the future of fashion around the world. All eyes are on the continent right now and our diverse cultural heritage mixed with our amazing sense of style, gives us 1 up on the rest of the globe.

Zen: We recently lost a great leader in Nelson Mandela last month. Describe MADIBA in 1 word
Zone Fam: 

Zen: Any inspirational words for aspiring artists?
Zone Fam: 
Keep working at your craft everyday and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it – as long as you believe in yourself and in what you are doing, anything is possible.

Watch a few of their amazing videos on YouTube [pro-player type=’video’]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ykh167_e97U[/pro-player]

[pro-player type=’video’]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJR5OpI1zHE[/pro-player]

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