5 Lipstick Shades for Women of Color

Gone are those days where eye-popping colours were mostly seen on models in fashion magazines. These days’ statement lips are a big hit amongst beauty and fashion lovers. For most, embracing bold lip colours can be a little a tricky if you aren’t used to wearing. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to finding, wearing and pulling off bright lipstick[...]

Let's Go Tribal Crazy: Damon Ross Shares With us a Few Afro Tribal Inspiration To Gush Over

Any one who follows our work would tell you that we are totally in loooooooooooooooooooooove with bold headwrap designs and colorful African fashion accessories. These days it's so important to mix things up and showcase your personality through your style so when Texas based photographer, Damon Ross, sent us photos from his most recent work we were super ex[...]

Learn How to Lighten Dark Armpits Fast + 8 Beauty Must Have Products This Month

How to Lighten Dark Armpits Fast Dark underarm is caused mainly by accumulation of dead skin cells. For many people who suffer from dark armpits, it is very uncomfortable especially when wearing revealing outfit or even engaging in activities that exposes the armpits. Nevertheless, you can get rid of this problem with some easy remedies. These remedies [...]