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Adetoun – Pretty Gorgeous

Blessed with what is described as the perfect look ‘Face, Body and Style‘, Adetoun Olupitan is a Nigerian born model living in America. She started modelling professionally back in November 2011 when she hooked up with American photographer Lylia Espinosa I think the whole idea of cameras, lights, styling and the people I got to meet and work with was such an amazing experience that I knew this was one industry I wanted to be part of“. Over the past year, Adetoun has worked with industry professionals in both the music and fashion industry. She modelled in a music video done by Nigerian music artist “Olu Maintain“, has worked with Celebrity Hairstylist Brenton Lee, has done some incredible photo shoots with photographers Karl Ray, Tony Lawrence, Stan Balazia and Rick Chapter. When it comes to the Make-up, she loves working with Janet Oladele and Bisi Essien “They are very professional and wonderful to work with she says“. She is a model who loves taking pictures and loves to work her magic on set.“Throughout my career as a model, I have been blessed and I hope to continue doing what I love!” she says over the phone from Chicago. “Modelling for me is something I want to do for a long time and hope I can inspire someone out there.” Even though Adetoun is still relatively new in the industry, she is gaining ground and learning quickly from other top Supermodels like Oluchi Onweagba, Alek Wek, and Liya Kebede, “These women inspire and motivate me to become not just a model for the camera but a model with a voice.”

Photographer: Karl Ray
MUA: Bisi Essien

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  • wummy

    u have jus started detoun, u are still going places! *thumbs up*

  • Yewande

    Wow,awesome make up and amazing pose!!! Adetoun looks like she’s ready to storm the set for a remake of “Avatar”. Plus her photographer is just totally insane….All in all,I’m in love with d pic! Permission to fap it…:-D

  • beejay

    way to go tee….i have always known you were special,and you definately gonna go higher places:)

  • Akese StyleLines

    I worked with her at the Night at the Museum, a Fashion Focus Chicago event. She is great to work with, and with that beautiful smile of yours, you are going places Girl. Keep working it Girl. :-)

  • admin

    Thank you so much Akese, BeeJay, Yewande and Wummy for all the great comments and reviews. Toun is an incredible talent and she has so much to achieve. Please do continue to support her and while you are still on our website, enjoy exploring other contents.♡

  • Adetoun

    Thanks so much guys :) I really appreciate it!


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