Asa Asalepele Omphile has the best attitude: a charming, optimistic and honest belief towards what she loves doing “Modelling“. Modelling is what drives Asalepele’s passion and nothing is going to stop this 25-year-old from fulfilling her dreams because she has the right attitude and mindset to make it happen. Top models will tell you “A good attitude is probably the most important quality a fashion model can have,” that and also being business minded. Asalepele was born in Botswana and is presently building her portfolio as a commercial model based in Ireland. She is particularly passionate about modelling and acting and she says that she would have loved to be a runway model as well but because of her height she could not fully pursue it. “I think as a commercial model you need to master the art of talking with the eyes,” she says, with a smile on her face as we interview her via Skype. “I have always been passionate about modelling but because I wasn’t tall enough, I had to forfeit runway modelling and pursue commercial modelling.” As a commercial model, Asalepele is hopeful of working with some top brands before the end of the year.  Because Asalepele is based in Ireland, most of the professionals in the industry she has worked with are in Ireland. Photographers like Orla Delaney, Jason McDonald, Brian Culligan, Anita Kulon, and Don Horne are a few of the professionals she has worked with. “I would definitely love to work with designers like Deola Sagoe of Nigeria,” she tells us. “Her use of African prints is just mind blowing and creative and I would also love to work with Black Trash of Botswana. They are a young couple who against all odds have come up with the most amazing fashion styles and their  combination of African prints and western clothes is what draws me to their label.

The image above was photographed by Anita Kulon. It’s a work of art!

Photography by Anita Kulon