Can you really love fashion and modelling at the same time? Absolutely, says Kenyan model, Bianca Koyabe, who has learnt the hard way and is still learning with every job.

Bianca+Koyabe+Model+Of+The+Week+Zen+Magazine+AfricaPhotographed by El Rey Photography

Zen: Where are you from?
Bianca: I was born in Namibia and have lived in South Africa for all of my life. My parents however are from Kenya and so I am Kenyan by nationality.

Zen: How did you get into modelling? 
Bianca: In 2011, I was scouted on Facebook by a modelling and talent agency in Johannesburg, South Africa and I decided at the time to just “try it out”. After my trials at the agency, it turned out that I actually really loved it and realised that there was a deeper meaning to what modelling was all about. I signed with them for a few years though I am now signed with Alushi Management, an agency owned by Shashi Naidoo.

Zen: Who are some of your favourite models, and why?
Bianca: One of my favourite models in the whole world is Kate Moss because she is such a timeless beauty in my opinion and standing at just 5 ft 7, she has broken some serious boundaries in terms of what the “ideal” model height is supposed to be. I also love Alek Wek because she exudes so much confidence and is comfortable in her own skin – she is the perfect example of dark beauty.

Zen: Which fashion magazines, websites, and blogs, do you visit often?
Bianca: I am often on a website called constantly keeping up-to-date with trends and drawing inspiration from shoots, looks and fashion in general. I love reading Grazia Magazine too!

Zen: How would you describe your style?
Bianca: My style is elegant, classy and simple.

Zen: What other modelling projects or campaigns have you done?
Bianca: I was recently named the 2014 Face of BiBi Rouge (a proudly South African Clothing line founded by Sabrina Kennedy.) Some of my past projects include been featured on a Billboard ad for Big Brother Africa “The Chase” which was done in South Africa and fashion spreads for BONA Magazine and Spliced Magazine.

Bianca+Koyabe+Model+Of+The+Week+Zen+Magazine+AfricaPhotographed by Ashleigh Dian Photography | Makeup
by Kylie Costopoulos 

Zen: What advice do you have for other aspiring models?
Bianca: My greatest advice would be for all aspiring models to first know who they truly are and what they stand for. Modelling is very challenging so your success is all dependent on how hard you work and how fearless you are. Always pursue all casting offers you get, love what you do and always be versatile.

Zen: Who are the 5 favourite African women that inspire you?
Bianca: The 5 amazing African women who inspire me are Lupita Nyong’o, Alek Wek, Joelle Kayembe, Elana Afrika, and Charlize Theron. 

Zen: What you do like the most about African fashion?
Bianca: What I love the most about African fashion is how strong and distinct it is. We can really delve into all the different aspects of African fashion are but for me – I love how it is growing and being used not only in Africa but across the world of fashion.

Zen: Who are your favourite designers? (African and International)
Bianca: My favourite designers are – David Tlale, Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford, Balenciaga and Vera Wang.

Zen: Are you single or in a relationship?
Bianca: I am currently single.

Zen: What country would you like to visit someday? Why?
Bianca: I would love to visit Brazil someday. I love the festivities, the culture and I know the sight-seeing would be amazing!

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Interview by Michael