Emmanuel Ty Ikoro is an adventurous Nigerian model based in the UK. He got scouted by Beverly Pinder from Glam Production Model Management because of his unique look and great sense for posing in front of the lens. He got inspired to get into modelling from friends and other professionals who advised him he had a unique look and sense of style that needed to be nurtured. He is presently signed to Tyne Tees Models Management, the number one modelling agency in the North East (Newcastle). Ty has walked the runways for London fashion week, Italia Fashion Week, African Fashion Week and has worked with amazing designers such as Givenchi, FlyForce, TradeMark (Naydu Faike) and so many others. His ultimate modelling dream would be to be recognised as an African Supermodel – a Fashion Ambassador from Africa that’s reorganised globally. Currently, he is working with some upcoming designers promoting new styles and fresh ideas. Ty is using his creativity and position as an established model and part-time rapper to give publicity to these designers and creating a platform to give exposure, advertise the talents and bridge the market difference between them and the high street market both nationally and internationally. His hustle is intense!

Photography: SJW Photographer
Stylist: TradeMark (Naydu Faike)