Flora Losilo is a freelance Make-up artist and fashion model from Kinshasa, Congo based in the United Kingdom. She has been a Make-up artist for over 7 years and has been doing modelling on and off though she loves modelling and loves the idea of been able to combine both careers “I love what I do because every day is never the same“. When we asked Flora about life as a Make-up artist, she tells Zen Being a Make-Up Artist for me is interpreting the requirements of my clients to produce both a creative and technically accurate visual.” “What inspires me the most is through my work I can make a person feel good about themselves and I can change a person’s whole attitude and day” the 29-year-old says. When it comes to modelling, she says it’s a way for her to tell a story. “Modelling for me is a way of telling a story, totally switching off and becoming someone else.” Modelling is an art and like all true artists, creativity is what drives their passion. “I’ve always been an artistic person and being a make-up artist, I get to be as creative as I want to be even pushing the boundaries sometimes,” she tells us, with a smile on her face. “My line of work can be quite diverse as I could one day be doing a fashion show or an editorial shoot and the next day I can be making a woman feel absolutely beautiful on her wedding day.” One key criteria when it comes to being a top model is your ability to command attention in front of the lens. Flora has that natural ability and from her professional experience from working with other models, let’s just say she is one Congolese model that is beautiful in every way! Flora has got talent, style, confidence and a great personality that remains unmatched.

Photograph by Eric Schneider