Nikki Anyansi is one of the most gorgeous African models out there right now. Born and raised in Abia State, Nigeria, Nikki started modelling at a young age. Her face has graced countless fashion magazines and designer runways for designers such as Maki Oh, Loza Maleombho, Bridget Awosika, Mai Atafo and many others (i.e. she’s very hot). She is also a graduate from Imo State University with a BA in French. When Nikki isn’t modelling, you can find her blogging her style tips and features at We caught up with Nikki to talk about the models who inspire her, tells us why she thinks there isn’t so much favoritism in the model industry and what she loves about fashion from African designers.

Interview+Model+Nigerian+Nikki+Anyansi+Zen+Magazine+Africa+2016 (2)Nikki Anyansi is a fashion writer, style blogger
and model living in Nigeria

Zen Magazine: How did you get into modelling?
Nikki: I was scouted back in the university by who has now become a dear friend and manager Godfrey Ibeakanma. I owe him so much because he was the person who molded me to the model that I am today.

Zen Magazine: Have you always wanted to get into modelling?
Nikki: It was always something I loved but I didn’t quite see myself becoming one.

Zen Magazine: Who are the models that inspire you?
Nikki: I have so many of them but I will name a few. The 3 models who inspire me right now are Kate Moss, Tyra Banks and Mayowa Nicholas.

Zen Magazine: Do you have some sort of routine to psych yourself up before hitting the runway?
Nikki: (Laughs) hmm, I don’t really have a routine though but sometimes I just dance around just to let go of the nerves.

Zen Magazine: What’s the most difficult part about being a model?
Nikki: I love anything that challenges me so I don’t think being a model is difficult. Though I must say as a model you just have to deliver all the time, at every shoot, whether you are in the mood or not.

Interview+Model+Nigerian+Nikki+Anyansi+Zen+Magazine+Africa+2016 (5)Nikki strikes a pose in this ad campaign for Guaranty Trust
Bank. Photographed by Emmanuel Oyeleke Photography

Zen Magazine: Does favoritism/racism exist in modelling? 
Nikki: I wouldn’t say there is favoritism/racism in the modeling industry but sometimes clients have their preferences. Like using a particular model for every lookbook or campaign. Not because they cannot afford other models but they feel more comfortable using models they have worked with in the past. The models already understand their pieces and can best interpret them. Most of the time models cause problem for themselves in the industry. Doing free jobs, not being professional and lowering your standard are most of the reasons why there are favoritism/racism.

Zen Magazine: Have you ever experienced any form of racism since you started modelling?
Nikki: No I haven’t in any way.

Zen Magazine: What in your view can be done to end this bad attitude?
Nikki: Oh well….. just continue to believe in yourself and not sell yourself short.

Zen Magazine: What are your favorite makeup hacks?
Nikki: I don’t have any makeup hacks because I’m not really a makeup person.

Interview+Model+Nigerian+Nikki+Anyansi+Zen+Magazine+Africa+2016“If you are passionate about modeling then follow it because
it’s always the passion that gets you far.” says Nikki.
Photographed by Aham Ibeleme. Makeup by Jide Of St.ola

Zen Magazine: What’s your favorite thing about fashion week?
Nikki: The adrenaline rush and getting to work for big brands in the fashion industry.

Zen Magazine: What do you like the most about fashion from African designers?
Nikki: Fashion in Africa has become such a big thing and I am just happy of how we have grown with out designs.

Zen Magazine: Who is/are your beauty icon(s)?
Nikki: I don’t really have.

Zen Magazine: What are you listening to right now?
Nikki: (Laughs…., right this minute I’m listening to Born To Die by Lana Del Rey.

Interview+Model+Nigerian+Nikki+Anyansi+Zen+Magazine+Africa+2016 (6)(This Photo: Photography by Emmanuel Oyeleke
Photography | Styling by Jekwu The
Stylist | Makeup by Kosiso)

Zen Magazine: Where is your happy place?
Nikki: My room.

Zen Magazine: What talent would you most like to have?
Nikki: I would definitely love to know how to sing.

Zen Magazine: What advice would you give to aspiring young models?
Nikki: If you are passionate about modeling then follow it because it’s always the passion that gets you far.

To connect with Nikki on social media, join her on Instagram Nikki Anyansi