Kimberley Robinson Right from when Kimberley Robinson was in high school, she has always been obsessed with reading magazines and trying out some of the trends. After all that’s basically what a magazine is about – information and inspiration and one section in each of the magazines she got from Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar were the models the magazines featured. “I always wanted to be as beautiful, glamorous and confident, just like the stunning models in the magazines,” says Kimberley. “I genuinely never imagined I could because there really is no modelling ‘industry’/ market in Zimbabwe.” Kimberley was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and got her early primary school life in Bulawayo “the second largest city in Zimbabwe”. She later attended the University of Stellenbosh in South Africa where she graduated with Honours in Social Work in December 2012 though for Kimberley, she still wanted to model. She got her chance to pursue modelling part time when Grace Model Agency in Cape Town scouted and decided to develop Kimberley. It was not until 2013 that Kim decided to pursue modelling full time and has since been able to work with some of South Africa’s most notable brands. “Some of my most memorable jobs include when I appeared in Seventeen Magazine for The Levi Curve Jeans, as well as Sports Illustrated South Africa for the model search and I am currently in two television commercials on air at the moment – Weetbix as well as Exclamation Bling,” she admits, “I was also lucky enough to be chosen for the Malibu Rum campaign with 11 incredible local and international models. It’s still in production though I must say it was a really fun experience.”

And what does she think about being a new face in modelling? “This is still quite new to me, but I am so driven and excited to be part of an industry that I have grown up admiring since I was a child.” As Kimberley keeps up building her modelling career in South Africa, she has great dreams to take it to America someday and, to keep learning all she can about being a top model. “I hope to continue modelling, and learning as much as I can. I hope that someday I can model in New York too” she says, but for now “my focus is on modelling in South Africa and across Africa.” Kimberley is a commercial model with a beautiful look…..born in Harare, but Ready for the World!

Photograph by: Fanie Nel from FANJAM, Cape Town. South Africa