Nqobile Nqobilé Ntshangase is part of an award winning female dance
group called CEO Dancers

For this week’s Model of the Week, we have got someone comfortable on both sides of the camera. Award-winning dancer, model and fashion stylist, Nqobilé Ntshangase is a 25 year old South African born talent based in London. Best known for being in multiple award winning female dance group CEO Dancers alongside Ezinne and Soliat, Nqobilé is a young woman bursting with ambition. We had a chat with the super cool Nqobilé to ask her 6 personal questions from how CEO Dancers began to the question on every guys lips “Is Nqobilé still single?”. We are taking on a different approach with Nqobilé’s Model of the Week feature and for those of you who haven’t noticed the top she is wearing, well, she isn’t wearing any! It’s body art done by our fabulous beauty editor Princess Amayo Ironbar.

Zen: At what age did you realise you could dance?
Nqobilé: I realized I could dance from a young age. Being a South African kid, I was always surrounded by Kwaito/Afro house street music, and I always loved watching people dance. My brother and cousins always used to dance a lot so dancing was definitely a part of my life from an early age. Back in primary school, I was constantly involved in school musical productions and people would come up to me after performances to tell me I was a good performer and, they enjoyed my dancing. I gradually started to realise and believe that maybe I am quite good at it and it was when I grew up I decided to pursue it as a career.

Zen: How did you meet the other girls?
Nqobilé: Well, Ezinne and I met at University where we were part of a 4 member female group in the African Caribbean Society known then as Kocco Dancers. Ezinne and Soliat met at a P-square show in London. When 2 members of Kocco Dancers left the group, Ezinne told me of this amazing girl she had met named Soliat and she knew she would be perfect for the group. A few hours later, she called Soliat and asked if she would like to help us with a performance we had been booked for in Nottingham. She said yes to the gig, we rehearsed the next day, performed the following day and the rest was history…{Laughs}.

CEO DANCERSFrom left to right: Nqobilé, Ezinne and Soliat

Zen: Who are you top fashion icons?
Nqobilé: Honestly, I don’t really have any fashion icons. My fashion style is influenced by the 90s’, and a bit of Japanese street style so it’s kind of hard for me to say. Right now, I’m totally crazy about Japanese brand Kokontonzai (KTZ). However, I’ve always appreciated Gwen Stefani and model Omahyra Mota’s style; they are so carefree, totally amazing and express their personality though their dressing. I love that!!

Zen: Who are the 5 favourite African women that inspire you?
Nqobilé: My 5 favourite African women are Vannessa Amadi, Alek Wek, Leila Lopes, Chimamanda Adechie and Malaika Firth

Nqobilé modelling PrebyNqobilé modelling the Swan Collection by PREBY

Zen: Are you single or in a relationship?
Nqobilé: I’m committed to someone

Zen: Do you have any inspirational words for other aspiring models or dancers?
Nqobilé: I would say to anyone with a dream or a vision to go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined and do not waste your time doing something you do not love. This is something that I’ve had to learn myself. In the past, I was into pleasing my parents and doing what other people expected me to do but in 2011 I took a leap and decided to stop everything and chase after my dreams. I started networking with people in the industry, working on developing my craft, branding and taking each and every opportunity that came my way. I was so determined to make it and make my dreams come true. Basically, what I am saying is you got to do all it takes to keep your dreams alive. You need to understand that in life, to achieve anything great, requires faith and belief in yourself, in your vision, and it will require a lot of hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

So you heard it guys. Nqobilé is in a serious relationship and you heard it first on Zen!

Make up and Beauty Artwork by Princess Amayo Ironbar