She is beautiful, sassy, bubbly, fun and aesthetically pleasing, meet the young African model who is steady soaring and making her grounds. With just a few months after getting into modelling, she has already been featured on Vogue and has worked with notable African designers, equally gracing fashion week runways across Africa. Enjoy the words below as we chat to Ifeoma Nwobu about beauty, culture and life as a model….
Ifeoma Nwobu is one of the youngest and most talked
about models in the Nigerian industry
Zen Magazine: You look so young and full of life. How old are you?
: I’m 16 years old but I’ll be 17 on the 24th of November.

Zen Magazine: When did you start modelling?
: I started modelling in August 2015.

Zen Magazine: Coming from a Nigerian background, How did your parents react to the idea of you wanting to become a model?
: Well, I live with my father who’s a single parent. Funny enough,he was supportive of the fact that I wanted to be a model. He had his doubts at first but he eventually realised my passion for it. His major concern was that modelling didn’t interfere with my studies because I was still in secondary school at the time I started out.

Zen Magazine: What are some of your best moments as a model?
Ifeoma: Some of my best moments as a model are being shortlisted as one of Nigeria’s most promising model early this year, being featured on Vogue Magazine online and walking the runway for some reputable designers in Nigeria.

Check out a few shots of her on the runway:

1st shot: Look at her slay the runway in @titibelo_2nd
shot: In @lanredasilvaajayi | 
3rd shot: Her rocking @officialtinathan
on the runways of @lfdw_ng 

Zen Magazine: What lessons have you learnt from being a model? And from walking on the runway?
Ifeoma: One of the major lessons I’ve learnt from being a model is humility. Humility in the sense that you can be the rave of the moment today and tomorrow someone else is in the limelight. This has really taught me to be humble especially when people see my works and make me feel like I’m at a very “high point”.

Zen Magazine: Define your personal style
: My personal style is basically centered around comfort. Most times I’m seen in baggy clothes because I feel very comfortable in them. A lot of people find this weird anyway.

Zen: Describe African fashion in your own words
: African fashion is so beautiful and genuine. Sometimes, cliché. But still, beautiful.

Zen: Who are your favourite African designers?
My favourite African designers are Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, T.I Nathan, Loza Maleombho, Nkwo, Lisa Folawiyo, Maxhosa by Laduma”… to mention a few.

“Never be desperate for anything,” says Ifeoma. 

More Photos of Ifeoma in modelling campaigns


Her in an editorial for @vanekarolle on


Photo Credits: Creative Direction: @temitayonathan | Stylist: @magpayne1 |
Photographer: @jerrie_rotimi | MUA: @beautybybellamere_ |
Hair Stylist: @bernardsmiless 


Zen: Any beauty secrets you would love to share?
Ifeoma: Beauty secrets… hmm… I would say I just drink a lot of water (Laughs).

Zen: Do you have any career goals through this next year or big projects you are working on?
Ifeoma: I have a lot of career goals actually (who doesn’t?… Laughs) and also a few projects I’m working on. I would have loved to share but unfortunately I can’t until it’s all done. 


Zen: What’s your advise for those planning to go into modelling?
Ifeoma: My advise to those who want to get into modelling is to always believe in God, never be desperate for anything and most importantly, when you see that it may not be working out for you, don’t hesitate to drop it and tow a different path.

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Photo Source: @Ifeoma_Nwobu