Former Miss Tourism Kenya 2009 and Miss Commonwealth 2008 winner, Roselyne Muringo Njagi is our Model of the Week. Officially one of the few Kenyan beauty queens who has been able to strut the runway, we step into her world and discover what inspired her to get into modelling. She also shares with Zen her dieting tips for models and, talks about the women who inspire her to be a better person.

Roselyne Muringo

Zen: What inspired you to get into modelling?
RoselyneI inspired myself to get into modelling because I love everything about modelling. Since high-school, I always knew I wanted to be a model and thanks to my family and friends who always supported me, I slowly achieved that.

Zen: Do you have any favourite models?
Roselyne: Yes I do. Models like Ajuma Nansenya, Naomi Campbell, Iman, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Jordan Dunn, and Cara Delevigne are some of my favourite models in the world.

Zen: Let’s talk about health a bit. Do models have a strict eating routine?
Roselyne: Yes and no. Some models do have a strict diet and timings of eating depending on individual metabolism and preference.

Zen: What about you? Do you watch what you eat?
Roselyne: Honestly, I don’t really have a strict diet though I try to avoid eating junk food because we all know what it can do to your health.

Zen: How do you remain fit? Do you workout regularly?
Roselyne: I take it easy with home exercise videos from a few fitness experts but I have to thank my genes for keeping me a size 6. I rarely workout but when it is needed and I feel my body getting lax, I do workout.


Zen: Who are the 5 favourite African women that inspire you?
Roselyne: My 5 favourite are Ajuma Nansenya, Lupita Nyong’o, The late Wangari Mathai, Folorunsho Alakija, and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Zen: What you do like the most about African fashion?
Roselyne: I love how Ankara has been embraced both in Africa and across the world. I like the blend of beautiful and bright colours. I also love how our African fabrics can be worn with any other item to create an amazing look.

Zen: Who are your favourite designers? (African and International)
Roselyne: John Kaveke, Mustafa Hassanali, Louis Vuitton, Emmy Collins, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, DKNY and YSL

Zen: Are you single or in a relationship?
Roselyne: I am in a serious relationship.

Zen: Any inspirational words you would like to share with other aspiring models?
Roselyne: Yes! You can be anything and be anywhere you would want to be. Don’t hold back. Maintain your dignity while at it and rock the world! Explore all the opportunities you get in the modelling industry and always aim for the top!

Photography by Thomson Ncube of Thomson’s photography
Makeup by Ruth Kinuthia of Makeup by Ruthie

Interview by Michael