In Modelling, you have either got it or you develop it. Salisu Abdulai is one top African model who HAS DEFINITELY GOT IT!! Popularly known as Sal in the industry, this Nigerian born London Fashion model has accomplished an impressive amount in his years. Sal started modelling back in January 2011 when he did his first ever fashion show for Fashions Finest. A few months Later, Sal had an encounter with Angel Sinclair, CEO of Models of Diversity at a Campaign shoot for MOD. She instantly saw something unique about his look and decided to take him on as one of the models for the Models of Diversity Campaign in the UK. Since signing for Vibe International Models, his career skyrocketed immediately with appearances at London Fashion Week, Brighton Fashion Week 2011 and 2012, Pakistan Fashion Week London 2011 and 2012, Africa Fashion Week London 2011 and 2012, Ideal Home Show, The Diversity Show, Debenhams Fashion Show, London College of Fashion BA/ Press Show 2012 e.t.c. He has also made appearances on British Vogue, Zen Magazine, Slave Magazine, Fashion Affair Magazine, The New African Woman Magazine and many fashion Blogs. He has worked with a host of amazing designers including Chester Barrie, Without Prejudice, Criminal Damage, Urban Outfitters, Red Mutha, Clifton Custom, Bob Afrique, Wide Side, Ramil Makinano, Nico Didonna, Topman, Ingo Shanyenge, Mina Evans, Rokit True Vintage Clothing, Aaron Ray Dowie, Bukki for Topshop, Chatenya Mittal, Debenhams Fashion House, Kay Kwok, Joe Goode, KGTKKT Couture, Hyung tae Kim for London College of Fashion BA/ Press Show, Ema Ranger for London College of Fashion BA/ Press Show, Ben Crane, Ammar Belal, Brett le Bratt, Gunsmoke and Lavender, Hayley Kiley, Flylander Couture and so many others. Sal has also been fortunate to work with some major London fashion photographers which include; Aris Vrakas, Masatoshi Hamanoi, Arron Dunworth, Kraizie Kat, Bernard Miller, Ross Hannant, Stuart Howat, Rory Campbell, Paul Broomfield, Malcolm Tam, Jean-luc Brouard, James Alexander Lyon, Alessandro Capoccetti, Kevin Thornhill Photography and many others. Most recently, Sal was awarded The Best Male Model at The BEFFTA AWARDS 2012 and, Fashions Finest Award for Best Male Model of the Year.

Sal would love to dedicate this feature to his late mum, quoting: “I would love to dedicate this feature to my late mum Barrister (Mrs) Abdulai, whose remembrance was on the 4th of this month. We lost her sadly on 4th November, 2011. For those that are not updated as to what happened to her, you can Click this link. She was the best mother we could ever ask for and it was and is still painful to have lost her, but she lives on in our hearts forever. I would also, on behalf of my two siblings like to say a big thank you to every single person who has been there for us since the incident. May God bless you and also, a big thank you to Zen Magazine for this amazing feature.”

It’s a truly moving experience and we wish Sal and his family all the best all year long.

Top Photograph by Bernard Miller