Born and raised in West Germany, of Nigerian heritage, Sarah Shotonwa is a fashion, portrait, beauty, and editorial model who got inspired to get into modelling after modelling for one of her friends who creates African Jewellery. “I modelled for a friend that makes African jewellery with African prints and I enjoyed the experience so much that I knew I wanted to do this on a more professional level“. She got her chance to go pro in 2012 and so far, has worked with some of Europe’s top fashion professionals including Verena Geistlich, Nicole Franke, Denis Rethers, Astrid Pütz Ebert, Oliver Meyer, Jessica Ganser, and Tanja Wes Nyahundich. Away from her modelling career, Sarah is a student at the University of Cologne in Germany studying African languages and Islamic science though her number one passion is for fashion and creativity. “Identity is everything,” declares Sarah and “I love everything that has to do with fashion and creativity because it allows you to express yourself

Photgrapher: Jörg von Ameln