Souleymane Touré is a Senegalese model born and raised in France. He got his break in modelling while living in Lyon when he competed for a competition organized by a photographer and even though he didn’t win, his passion for modelling grew even greater.  Now Souleymane is combining his new found modelling career with a career in acting. When Souleymane isn’t modelling or acting, he is harnessing his talents in Photography “I think after my modelling career, I would love to get into photography” Souleymane says from his pad in Lyon. So far, Souleymane has worked with a host of amazing photographers; photographers like Simon Questerbert, Michel Levy, Riyadh Giuliano are just a few of the people he has worked with. Souleymane is definitely one of the African models to lookout for this 2013 and he is working his socks off to build a portfolio that will enhance his reputation on the global scene “I love modelling, acting and I love to learn new things“. “I know modelling isn’t an easy career – and I for one am ready for the challenges ahead”; spoken like a true champion!