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New Collection by Selly Raby Kane

About the Collection: Inspired by Dakar’s visual frenzy, and colourful heritage, Selly Raby Kane's latest collection '17 Rue Jules Ferry' is a perfect example of Senegal's vibrant culture and fashion. Collection Inspiration: Cultural, urban and artistic. View images from the designer below: Model | @bijou Photographer | @jbjoire Assistant sty[...]

Throwback Fashion We Love! Lumiére Couture's 2016 Sika Mini Collection Is Everything a Fashionista Needs

We love prints, we love fashion & we love accessories. This throwback Thursday goes to Lumiere Couture's 2016 Sika Mini Collection. There are certain moments that will forever stay in every fashion girl's mental catalogue and this is definitely one of them as the Ghanaian based brand delivered one of the most stunning collections we saw of 2016. "The Lum[...]

Simple African Dresses for the Stylish Woman! Get Into The Stylish Swing in Christie Brown's Spring Summer 2016 Collection

Embrace the romantic look and make chiffon a key detail in your wardrobe with looks from Christie Brown's Spring/Summer 2016 collection. A brand who is never afraid to use African prints and fabrics in all their collections, the Ghanaian fashion label didn't miss it again as there was a display of African prints in this collection. "The prairie princess was [...]