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Designer Asiyami Gold Looks Gorgeous in Besida Online.

Nigerian Fashion designer Asiyami Gold looks gorgeous in this stunning Nasarawa vest from Besida Online. This stunning piece features a tribal print, basket sleeves and hidden pockets. It's a perfect piece to put on over a thin top, or rocked with a denim pant look for that comfy yet chic look. Check it out below! Jewellery by Madewell For more [...]

Simple African Dresses for the Stylish Woman! Get Into The Stylish Swing in Christie Brown's Spring Summer 2016 Collection

Embrace the romantic look and make chiffon a key detail in your wardrobe with looks from Christie Brown's Spring/Summer 2016 collection. A brand who is never afraid to use African prints and fabrics in all their collections, the Ghanaian fashion label didn't miss it again as there was a display of African prints in this collection. "The prairie princess was [...]