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Meliá Zanzibar Holiday

Rich with nature and clear blue seas, Meliá Zanzibar's charm and serenity will captivate you. This unique 5 star resort is located on the north-east coast of Tanzania. The 124-room Meliá Zanzibar is a luxurious beachfront resort with an excellent spa, a well equipped fitness center, and a huge pool where visitors can enjoy a host of activiti[...]

Travel Alert: Preskil Beach Resort in Mauritius is Luxurious in Every Way...

Won't you love to do your honeymoon here? Imagine yourself relaxing on powdery white sands close to warm azure waters. Take in the fresh air, sit back and enjoy the awesome natural view that Africa has to offer. Whether it's your first time holidaying in Africa or you are a frequent traveler, one thing is certain, and that is Mauritius is one country in the[...]

Timeless Elegance: Hotel La Badira in Tunisia

Intoducing Hotel La Badira, Tunisia's finest new waterside hotel. This spectacular 5 star hotel sets a new standard of service with exceptional views of the ocean, well designed rooms, spa facilities, a private garden and so much more.