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The 5 Best Foundations for Oily Skin

It can be so frustrating after taking special care to apply your makeup only for you to start shinning after an hour or so. To think you’ve tried all the oil prof beauty products but still end up with a shine. It’s time to focus on makeup products specially formulated to prevent oily skin. After testing a few products, we’ve rounded up the best foundations f[...]

Liya Kebede Stuns in Glamorous L'Oreal Paris Make Up Fall 2016 Collection

Whatever your skin's story, L'Oréal Paris Make Up Fall 2016 collection has a match for you. Modelled by Ethiopian model Liya Kebede and Italian model Bianca Balti, the new collection gives us tons of creative ways to wear the nude eye look. "Create your signature nude eye look with ease, ultra sleek texture fuses with skin," the feature writes. "Available in[...]

Learn How to Lighten Dark Armpits Fast + 8 Beauty Must Have Products This Month

How to Lighten Dark Armpits Fast Dark underarm is caused mainly by accumulation of dead skin cells. For many people who suffer from dark armpits, it is very uncomfortable especially when wearing revealing outfit or even engaging in activities that exposes the armpits. Nevertheless, you can get rid of this problem with some easy remedies. These remedies [...]