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Kinky, Curly, Afro : Embracing our Natural Tresses.

‘A girl is not her hair’. Quite true, but in my opinion, only to an extent. Let’s face it, have you tried telling a woman that her hair is really not growing as much as she thinks it is, or worse, that her hairstyle looks bad? The look you’ll be given will be enough to send you to hell permanently. What this tells us, is that a girl is actually her hai[...]

The Afro Hair Revolution : Here Are Some Inspirations You Should See

Realest Afropolitan women have always loved their kinky nappy hair just the way it is, they were born with it, and most have embraced the natural hair journey since it's re-birth. In recent times we have seen black women from all parts of Africa,  revolutionalizing the Afro hair into a must-have fashion accessory. You're probably thinking of joining the b[...]

10 Tips to improve and make your Natural Hair beautiful!!!

Hey there Naturalistas!!! Here's a lil something for your Natural hair journey because we care about you and how you feel about your hair. Maitaining your natural hair can be difficult, but with the right tips, it's easy peasy. Below are 10 tips to give your natural hair the oh-so-amazing look it needs and keep you wondering why you ever relaxed your hair[...]